Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Herringbone Floorings…The Fishbone Architecture

Flooring these days has come a long way from the days it was considered to be one of the most generally designed sections of the household. Cause in those days the materials available for flooring were either a general mix of cement that could be of some fixed colors. Or, the rich and elite class of the society had the options of marble and stone to get that done.

However, if considered today, there are a variety of options available in the market that can spoil a person’s taste on the confusion of choosing the right kind and quality. There are cheaper as well as expensive materials based on the spending capacity of an individual.

And in the same context of availability of the materials, comes the designing factor as well. These days the floor design is a must and most important factor on the building. People have options of squared, blocks, Basketweave to the crisscross ones too.

And the moment the crisscross design comes to the mind, the herringbone pattern of laying the tiles comes as an immediate extremely popular design if these days floating to the eyes of the designer. This design pattern is not only the most used but also provides a very classy aristocratic touch to a person’s taste and choice.

Herringbone pattern mostly looks good on the woody shades of tiles. However, sometimes people also prefer the marble texture to add that additional glossy touch to the surroundings. These crisscross designs generally are done with the longer dimensions of rectangular tiles. But have been also seen on some bigger squares based on the area of usage and the designing aesthetics of the house.  It can be done with different varieties of shades available in the market like the matte ones to the glazed ones. Colors are in abundance to suit the temperament of the area and the choice of the homemaker.

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