Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Build a Grand Environment With Calcutta Gold Marble Tiles

If you are looking for the divine luxury of Italian marble comprising golds and whites, you have found it! Few words can represent those delightful grays, whites and golds of Calacatta Gold Marble that nature created within the depths of the earth ages ago. Associated for an eternity with religious institutions and royal palaces, marble in its several forms and colors truly deserve veneration. Besides bringing dignity and grace to the surrounding, marble creates an aura of strength and well-being.

Get your Calacatta Gold Marble in a variety of designs like hexagons, polished mosaics, meshed subways and subway tiles in 3X6 and 6X12. The larger sizes are very popular. Pencil moldings and flooring tiles are available too.

Among super Calacatta Gold Marble variations, would you prefer the subtle intimacies of Calacatta Gold Polished Mosaic in 1X1, 2X2, 2X4, 1x2? The mirror like Calacatta Oro is striking too.  Calacatta Honed and Polished versions present large sized tiles like 12X12, 18X18 and 12X24. Calacatta Gold 12X12 Hexagon Polished would set off great contrasts with some of the other types. Prices range from $19 to $30 per square foot. Install a few of them in collages rather than a single type for maximum effect.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Space Illusions Dance around You amidst 3D Mosaic Tile Patterns

Environments come to life in exciting new ways with the third dimension that is very realistic too. The world exists in three dimensions. Consider the dynamic colors and patterns and imagine the living room or kitchen coming alive in sparkling color combinations with wavy patterns, all in 3D mosaic! Install them in the bar or bathroom, maybe upon a single wall or cozy corners that would stand out and become topics of conversation. Accent walls and facades would take on a vivid new meaning and symbolism with these elegant mosaics.

We deserve a dash of happiness in places where we live or work all day long. The 3D mosaic collection comes in many patterns and textures, shapes and sizes. Ample variety to choose from and everybody goes away satisfied. Harvestmoon Interlocking 3D, 3D Ahslar Rock, 3D Metal and the Glass/Stone Blends are some fabulous selections besides arch-shaped mosaics that would add style and grace to the surroundings.

Will it be the gentle shades of Crema Opus 3D Magic Pattern and Azzuro Matte Glass/Stone Blend 3D Mosaic? Rustique 3D Interlocking Pattern brings you fabulous dark shades in a smashing model. Hedron is great in a single light shade while Asteria Blend presents dramatic light and dark interlocking shades.